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Multi-Denominational Smicha The first and only online rabbinical program with education and smicha (ordination) by Orthodox, Reform, Conservative/Masorti and Independent rabbis and educators High Quality, Meaningful Learning Two year program, requiring a time and educational commitment similar to a working professional's MBA 2) Min b'mino, min b'aino mino, and min b'mino v'aino mino. The law of nishpach. 3) Clarification of if a kli can become a chticha nevaila and if blios in a kli can become a chaticha nevaila. 4) Issur mevatel issur (one issur annulling another). Siman 99: 5) How and why issur bones combine with heter to mevatal the issur. The difference between. Level 2 has more commitment which allows one to be a practicing Rabbi in Hutz La Aretz. (In Israel one must pass the exams of the Chief Rabbinate, this program will for sure prepare him to succeed, but the exams are in Hebrew) To receive Semicha one must fill out our application, along with sending us a letter of recommendation from your Rav verifying that he knows you well, that you are. Want to expand your knowledge of Halacha or achieve Rabbinical certification? OnlineSmicha matches the learning intensity and accreditation of traditional Smicha institutes - all from the comfort of your home. Archived from iTunes at.. Online Smicha offers live discussions and interactive study charts. The positive use of modern technology is being given a whole new level of meaning thanks to Online Smicha, a Chabad-Lubavitch program that melds the ancient process of comprehensive Torah study for rabbinic ordination—known as smicha —with the perks of virtual communication

Smicha Program R abbi Chaim Smulowitz % COMPLETE $1,500 Shabbos Program Available until . Rabbi Leibe Landsman % COMPLETE $1,500 Kosher Kitchen Available until . Master the laws of Kashrus in the kitchen! Rabbi Shlomo Furst % COMPLETE. Machon Smicha is an online program that, thanks to its unique curriculum, empowers and enables everyone to learn and master halachah. From the novice to the well-seasoned scholar, Machon Smicha offers all participants a structured program to grow and succeed in their Torah learning. Who is it For? This course is for everyone

Smicha Program Offers Online Option April 13, 2020 - 19 Nisan 5780 Machon Smicha, led by Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman of Crown Heights, is offering an online option with an English study guide, tailor-made schedule and mock tests before ordination. Many want to learn and receive smicha, but find it difficult to do so Online zur Smicha. Drei deutsche Teilnehmer haben ein orthodoxes Studienprogramm erfolgreich abgeschlossen. von Detlef David Kauschke 25.01.2007 00:00 Uhr von Detlef David Kauschke. Judentum ist Lernen. Lebenslanges Lernen. Während der Unterricht früher in Bethäusern oder Talmudschulen stattfand, ist das Studium jetzt auch zu Hause möglich. Das Internet macht es möglich. Unter dem.

סמיכה לרב עיר/אזורי: הלכות מקוואות. הלכות פסח ויום-טוב וחוה Machon Smicha is an online program that, thanks to its unique curriculum, empowers and enables everyone to learn and master halachah. From the novice to the well-seasoned scholar, Machon Smicha offers all participants a structured program to grow and succeed in their Torah learning Semicha, auch Semichah und Smicha, 2. Aufl. Bd. 18: San-Sol. Macmillan Reference, Detroit 2007, ISBN 978--02-865946-6, S. 274-279. Julius Newman: Semikhah (ordination). A study of its origin, history, and function in Rabbinic literature. Manchester University Press. Manchester 1950. Elliot Stevens: Rabbinic Authority / Papers Presented Before the Ninety-first Annual Convention of the.

UPPSC RO / ARO Recruitment 2021 Apply online 337 Review Officer Post. Description - Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission UPPSC Released A-2/E-1/2021 Job Notification & Invites Online Application Form for the Post of Review Officer and Assistant Review Officer (Samiksha Adhikari) Recruitment 2021. Check more details like Eligibility, Age, Fees, Vacancy, Syllabus & Exam Pattern at. In addition, online each week they web-conference and join in prayer, present Divrei Torah, learn Halacha and Jewish life cycles and are prepared to meet the needs of the interfaith and unaffiliated - more than one half of the Jewish population of the United States. JSLI is organic, dynamic and ever-growing. In addition, its affiliated online synagogue, Sim Shalom is attended by JSLI.

Smicha. The Rebbe has written many letters advising Yeshiva bachurim to complete Smicha prior to marriage to be familiar with the various aspects of the laws pertaining to conducting a Jewish Home. It is also important to know when to consult the expertise of a Rav. At BTM, we offer a world-class Smicha program taught by the renowned HaRav Levi.

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Semicha Curriculum. 1. Halacha Methodology. An in-depth study of 5-6 halachic sugyot, with a focus on the methodology of psak from the Gemara through contemporary Poskim. Here the focus is on method as much as on the practical halachah. Over the course of the year there will be an opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of Rishonim. That is what smicha means these days; it's also called yoreh-yoreh (see Sanhedrin 5a): permission to rule on the relevant halachic issues. Once the teacher determines that the student is ready to do that - however he determines it - he can give smicha. Obviously a responsible teacher wouldn't do that without knowing the student well. But that can be done online too Distance Smicha/Rabbinic Ordination Mentoring Program. We mentor students for the smicha program of Rabbinical Seminary International. Email Judaism36@gmail.com with questions or for the enrollment form. A program of Divine Wisdom and Spiritual Guidance for men and women who wish to serve the Jewish community and the general community as. With Online Smicha, you'll benefit from a structured learning program in the comfort of your own home or office through web video conferencing. Choose from 3 specialized programs: Standard Program - Geared for Ba'alei Batim or working men with limited free time. A structured curriculum designed to run for 128 weeks. Shiurim are conducted vi

Semikhah (or Semicha or Smicha; Hebrew: סמיכה ‎) refers traditionally to the ordination within Judaism of a rabbi. In recent times, some institutions grant ordination for the role of hazzan (cantor), extending the Investiture granted there from the 1950s; Less commonly, since the 1990s, ordination is granted for the role of darshan (lay leader). Ordination may then also be. Smicha is available for issur v'heter and shabbos students. Candidates need to meet eligibility requirements, and a letter of recommendation is required. To enroll, please fill out this form and someone will connect with you. Subscribe * indicates required. First Name * Middle Name . Last Name * Email Address * Language * Address * Address Line 2. City. State/Province/Region. Postal / Zip Code. Bais Schneur Smicha program will be opening . this coming year 5781-5782! The program is for Bochurim ages 19-20. Smicha learning will be taking place one block . from Yeshiva in your own spacious Beis Medrash. Rabbi Schneur Tarlow is running the learning. and teaching of the Smicha material. This is a wonderful opportunity to participate . in the environment and program that Bais. Schneur has. See what Smicha (16smicha) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas ‎Want to expand your knowledge of Halacha or achieve Rabbinical certification? OnlineSmicha matches the learning intensity and accreditation of traditional Smicha institutes - all from the comfort of your home

Structure. Students in the joint program may begin taking Azrieli courses at any point during their Rabbinic training, but must be enrolled in Azrieli classes by year 3 of their semicha program.Courses may be taken on campus from 6-10 pm or online, accommodating students' semicha learning.Students complete their PEP Student Teaching (a 2 1/2 day commitment in a day school setting) and register. ‎Show Online Smicha with Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, Ep Online Smicha-The Berocho for Rain - Feb 7, 201 UBS SMI A-dis ETF: Aktueller SMICHA ETF Kurs, Charts, technische Analysen, historische Daten, Volumen, Marktkapialisierung, Fondsvermögen & News Ordained online: learning for smicha, the high tech way. Posted Wednesday, April 1, 2009 10:14 am. By Malka Eisenberg. Issue of April 3, 2009 / 9 Nissan 5769. Local professionals in dentistry, medicine, accounting and business have received smicha (rabbinic ordination) over the last few years through an intensive online learning program. The smicha, said Dr. Andrew Sicklick, was the carrot.

This is not an online program. Is this real semicha? avil 2019-11-24T08:09:42+00:00. Is this real semicha? No. This is a program geared toward educated lay people who want to be able to answer the most common Halachic questions that come up in the course of daily life. Paskening more challenging and involved halachic questions requires years of full-time learning. You cannot use this to. Valor: 1714271 / Symbol: SMICHA. 112.98 CHF-1.47%-1.680; 11.05.2021 17:02:35; Aktualisieren. Fullquote. Meine Funktionen. Ausgewählte Produkte . Tracker-Zertifikat auf den Hang Seng Tech Index Top-20. Investieren Sie in chinesische IT. Mehr. Multi Barrier Reverse Convertible mit Lock-In auf Tech Leaders. Noch ist es Zeit, dem Trend der Digitalisierung zu folgen. Mehr. Drucken. Seite drucken. Piperno, The 2 years I spent in the Katz Smicha program as it. has fondly come to be known, since Rabbi & Mrs. Mordechai Katz. put their whole heart & soul into this Moisad, have been the most. productive of my life. Rabbi Chazan is the most wonderful Maggid. Shiur ever, and there was a perfect blend of Chassidus, Halacha, and Farbrengens with various 'choshiv'e members of the L. SMICHA | A complete UBS ETF (CH) SMI (CHF) A-dis exchange traded fund overview by MarketWatch. View the latest ETF prices and news for better ETF investing

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  1. g term starting 18 Kislev, 5771 (November 25, 2010) If you want to study for Smicha to be ordained as an orthodox Rabbi, and missed the opportunity for Smicha in Yeshiva, or live in a community without a Yeshiva, or desire to increase your Torah knowledge, and juggle busy work and family schedules, then
  2. Smicha. Worttrennung: Se·mi·cha, Plural: Se·mi·chot. Aussprache: IPA: [ˌsɛmiˈxaː] Hörbeispiele: Semicha Reime:-aː. Bedeutungen: jüdische Religion: [1] (im nach-talmudischen rabbinischen Judentum sowie in den modernen religiösen Strömungen vom liberalen bis zum orthodoxen Judentum) formelle Zulassung und Einsetzung eines Rabbiners (oder, in moderner Auslegung, auch eines Chasans.
  3. Wie wird man Rabbi? Wenn ein Jude Rabbi werden möchte, muss er an einer Jeschiwa die jüdische Religion studieren und anschließend eine Prüfung bestehen. Jeschiwa ist Hebräisch und heißt Talmud-Hochschule. Wer die Prüfung besteht, bekommt die Smicha. So heißt die Sendung in eine Gemeinde. Weiterlesen über Wie wird man Rabbi? 2.
  4. View Online Smicha (www.onlinesmicha.com) location in Minnesota, United States , revenue, industry and description. Find related and similar companies as well as employees by title and much more
  5. Earn 2 units of credit for full participation in the week's learning. Soar with daily student-led davenen! Sign up to lead or co-lead, and to receive feedback on new approaches from ALEPH teachers. NOTE: Smicha Week is open to ordination students of the ALEPH Ordination Program (AOP) who are currently enrolled, as well as candidates whose application is in process. AOP students attend Smicha.
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  7. Erstellt von Smicha Ratma, 2 Worterarbeitung: spielen 1. Wortbild Das Kind bekommt das Wort spielen auf einer Karte vorgelegt. Jeder einzelne Buchstabe ist umrahmt . Zunächst soll der letzte Buchstabe weggeschnitten werden. Nun wird der verbleibende Teil gelesen (spiele), dann wird ein weiterer Buchstabe weggeschnitten und der verbleibende Teil gelesen (spiel) und so fort bis nur.

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  1. manalapan smicha online friday, may 13, 2005 latest news from the yeshiva . wednesday 25 nissan, 1:00am:all bochurim had arrived back from their homes and places, where they had spent their pesach, such as zitomir, lithuania, and belgorod russia. thursday 24 nissan, 10:45am:followed by shachris, the bochurum will head out to borough park, to get tested by horav tzinner, on hilchois taaruvoiss.
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  4. May 2, 2021. Now that is some serious kavod! . March 13, 2021. An all female ambulance squad sounds pretty cool though . March 11, 2021. Good Shabbos from SimchaSpot‼️. March 5, 2021. Well in that case.. I better head out! February 24, 2021. Happy Purim from Shop Rite in Elizabeth NJ . February 24, 2021. Check out this fantastic Har Sinai cake for Simcha Spot's Got.
  5. 341 N. Mansfield, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 495-3010 / (323) 936-2777 Ext: 103 thebtmla@gmail.com | BTM@smicha.ne
  6. Die letzten UBSETF SMI CHF DIS (SMICHA.SW) Aktienkurse, Verläufe, Nachrichten und weitere wichtige Informationen für den Aktienhandel und Investitionen finden

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Wichtigste Bestände und Daten ansehen für UBSETF SMI CHF DIS (SMICHA.SW) 'Smicha' shows that love is not found in blurry details, but in a powerful bond that never fades. About the Director Credits Director Amal Al-Muftah Screenwriter Amal Al-Muftah Producer Ahmed Al Baker, Mohammed Al Hamadi, Khalid Al Jaber, Bassam Al-Ibrahim, George Chalouhi Editor Pascale Kairouz, Maryam Al-Sahli Composer Mohammed Jassim Al-Mulla, Hala Al-Emadi Music Hala Al-Amari, Mohamed.

We are Proud and Grateful. We are proud to be receiving our smicha through the ALEPH Ordination Program, where we have spent the last years deepening in our learning of history, mysticism, ritual, text, prayer, song and holy time. The program design has enabled us to go deep in our learning together while at the same time serving Jewish communities from Australia to Florida (and online!) as. 'Smicha' shows that love is not found in blurry details, but in a powerful bond that never fades. About the Directors. Amal Al-Muftah is a Qatari filmmaker. In high school, Amal discovered a fascination with filmmaking as a form of storytelling. During this period, she directed and shot an award-winning documentary 'Al-Hamali' (2014) and her first short film 'Al-Kora' (2014). While. Semicha, auch Semichah und Smicha, (hebräisch סְמִיכָה, AHL sĕmiḵa ‚Auflegen (der Hände)', im Hebräischen auch סְמִיכָה לְרַבָּנוּת, AHL sĕmiḵa lĕ-Rabbanuṯ ‚rabbinisches Auflegen' oder סְמִיכוּת, AHL sĕmiḵuṯ ‚Auflegung') bezeichnet im Judentum die formelle Einsetzung als Rabbiner. Durch die Semicha wird die Berechtigung. Semicha definition is - variant spelling of semikah. Love words? You must — there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that's only in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary.. Start your free trial today and get unlimited access to America's largest dictionary, with:. More than 250,000 words that aren't in our free dictionar We connect you with the Shulchan Aurach with dynamic learning programs. Shema Yisrael Torah Network is an international network of Jewish educational centers and Internet portals. Our classes assume little or no Jewish background, and have achieved a worldwide reputation for making Judaism exciting, relevant and user-friendly

The ALEPH Rabbinic Program curriculum requires a minimum of 60 units of study spanning an array of subjects and disciplines, representing the equivalent of five years of full-time graduate level study, including both academic coursework and the full range of experiences that prepare an individual for spiritual leadership 25 Followers, 110 Following, 8 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from D. S (@2smicha2 Protecting your health and a focus on hospitality is our mission. We're sanitizing surfaces, heating pizzas to a safe temperature, wearing masks and gloves, offering online ordering, and providing you with contactless curbside pickup. Click here to order online Online Smicha with Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm. Latest Episodes. Basic requirements when building a succoh. September 26, 2018. Basic information on building your own sukko. A rain cover on the succoh. September 26, 2018. Can you keep the rain out of your Succoh? Learning About the Beis Hamikdosh. August 12, 2018 . Learning About the Beis Hamikdosh. Mowing the lawn during the 9 days. July 19, 2018.

Smicha (Watch Online Film) by wieveroduc1986, released 15 January 2020 Smicha (Watch Online Film) Link to this movie: https://tinyurl.com/ufyodq Smicha und Zwirn . Feine Adresse: Herrenausstatter Maurice Sedwell in Londons Savile Row Foto: Daniel Zylbersztajn. Maßarbeit: Yosel Tiefenbrunn im Atelier Foto: Daniel Zylbersztajn. Frack und Jackett Foto: Daniel Zylbersztajn. Ein junger Rabbiner fängt beruflich noch mal von vorn an - und macht in der Londoner Savile Row eine Schneiderlehre. von Daniel Zylbersztajn 09.07.2013 07:10 Uhr.

Participants in each online chabura receive source sheets with explanations both in Hebrew and English, participate in a weekly Zoom shiur and ask Rabbi Gefen questions by phone and email. Many have also successfully gained Smicha through thoroughly learning the material. I would love to sit in Yeshiva half a day, but I have different hours. Says Dr. Eric Leibowitz who is a dentist in. Software Engineer. smicha has 21 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub smicha replied to smicha's topic in Build Logs This is my custom production parallel terminal. Temps across gpus are 35-50C under full load (25C at idle, 24C ambient) and temps do depend on a room ventilation. 2kW of power draw dissipate lots of heat

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Im Jahr 2012 begann er sein Studium am Rabbinerseminar zu Berlin und erhielt 2017 seine Smicha. Im Anschluss an seine Ordination arbeitete er vorerst von 2017 bis 2018 als Hebräisch- und Vertretungslehrer am Albert Einstein Gymnasium in Düsseldorf sowie als Religionslehrer der Jüdischen Gemeinde Düsseldorf. Seit Februar 2019 ist Rabbiner Kahanovsky als Sozialarbeiter für die ZWST tätig. Contact us to join Yeshivas Chonen Daas and start learning. * Required Fiel Ok I made that up except for people selling smicha online and in tiny yeshivos in the tri state area for $4,920. That part is true. February 5, 2013 6:41 am at 6:41 am #995565. Sam2. Participant.

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Performance charts for UBS ETF CH-SMI (SMICHA - Type ETF) including intraday, historical and comparison charts, technical analysis and trend lines Master Hilchos Shabbos and Get Smicha - a structured online program for avreichim and balabatim This program is based on Rav Yitzchak Berkovits's famous smicha curriculum.Very useful for your life and for your family to feel that the father has learnt these halachos and can answer questions that come up all the time. Sources are from the Gemara through to the modern poskim with clear. Online Smicha A different note on online (higher) education at Using latest technology to train rabbis - Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnews Employing the use of cutting edge video conferencing, online forums, and a private discussion board, onlinesmicha.com in the past two years has ordained doctors, lawyers, chaplains, and other working professionals.... To receive smicha, students must pass.

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*are required for UMJC smicha (ordination as a rabbi) and all courses marked with ^ (new symbol) are limited to Rabbinic Studies students. 2 Rabbinic Writings courses (6 credit hours) RW681 - Midrash Song of Songs Rabbah; RW682 - Midrash Pesikta Derav Kahana; Other Required Courses. Residential Intensive (6 credit hours) Humanitarian Project (3 credit hours) Electives (3 electives totaling. Online Smicha Holds International Kinus Torah. Published on October 12, 2020 by Shtusim.com. anash.org. 2) This smicha letter is just bizarre. I don't see what it gives him permission to do. There is no reference to Yoreh,Yoreh, Yadin, Yadin or the right to make psak. So he certainly has no right to make halachic rulings. Maybe it gives him the right to use the title rabbi as a mere teacher but it really should say something to that effect. 3) smicha is undated 4) no bet, somech. Please register with us online in advance of the event. Quelle: privat. About the event: 19 April 2021 09:00 to 17:00 Location: Zoom. Contact:daniel.leviathan ctr.lu se. Einschreibungsstart SoSe2021 Einschreibungsstart bei Puls 6. April 2021 . Bild: privat. Ausbildung am Zacharias Frankel College. Quelle: Tanach. Joschijahu machte in Jerusalem ein Übersprungsfest IHM. Man metzte das. Bedeutung von Smicha mit Beschreibung, Aussprache für Smicha und Herkunft vom Namen

The large crowd, which poured in to witness the ceremony, was testimony to how much the yeshiva bochurim have touched the community. Five of the many students who started out with the program when it first opened in 2008 have been with it for 2 years and received their full Smicha Nach seinem Dienst in der israelischen Armee erhielt er seine Smicha und ging als Schaliach (Gesandter) der Jewish Agency für drei Jahre nach Russland. Von 2004 bis 2016 war er Gemeinderabbiner der Jüdischen Kultusgemeinde Groß-Dortmund. Seit 2016 ist Rabbiner Apel gemeinsam mit Rabbiner Julian-Chaim Soussan Gemeinde Rabbiner der jüdischen Gemeinde Frankfurt. Rabbiner Apel ist. What Makes Us So Unique. The Yeshivas Chonen Daas Bais Medrash is located in Ramat Beit Shemesh but our talmidim are all over the world. Using web-based and distance learning technology we have extended our reach to include cities such as Baltimore, Sydney, Chicago, Dallas and Houston May 2, 2021. Now that is some serious kavod! . March 13, 2021. Happy Purim from Shop Rite in Elizabeth NJ . February 24, 2021. Check out this fantastic Har Sinai cake for Simcha Spot's Got... February 5, 2021. Nice try but a bit too early . January 21, 2021. SimchaSpot Serena makes an announcement!. January 2, 2021. While waiting for dessert. December 31, 2020. He spent 2 years teaching the Grade 11 honors students in Monsey at Yeshiva Zichron Yaakov, one year as the grade 10 Rebbi in Brooklyn at Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel, and an additional 2 years teaching Jewish Law at the main Chofetz Chaim campus in Queens, New York. Rabbi Brody and his wife Devora, also an expert educator in her own right, decided the best place for this was in Richmond, British.

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SMICHA Kommentare Hier werden alle relevanten Kommentare und Diskussionen hinsichtlich SMICHA ETF aufgezeigt. Bitte beachten Sie, dass alle hier aufgeführten Kommentare der Investing.com. The History of Anti-Semitism, vol. 2: From Mohammed to the Marranos. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003. Révah, I.S. Les marranes. Revue des études juives 118 (1959-60): 29-77. Roth, Cecil. The Religion of the Marranos, The Jewish Quarterly Review 22 (1931): 1-33. doi:10.2307/1451908. JSTOR 1451908; Rowland, Robert. New Christian, Marrano, Jew. In The Jews and. The Master of Hebrew Letters / M.H.L. and Smicha Program is a 2 year, advanced, accelerated program leading to the Yoreh Yoreh Smicha (Rabbinical Ordination - men only) and the Master in Hebrew Letters degree. The Yoreh Yoreh Smicha confers the authority to rule on laws included in Yoreh Deah and Orach Chaim. Learn more . www.CYSCollege.org ~ (305) 868-1411 ~ 9540 Collins Ave, Surfside, FL. 2. Einschränkung nach Nationalität und aufgrund anderen Rechtskreises. Die Informationen auf dieser Website richten sich nicht an Personen in Ländern, in denen die Veröffentlichung und der Zugang zu diesen Daten aufgrund ihrer Nationalität, ihres Wohnsitzes oder anderen Gründen rechtlich nicht gestattet sind (z.B. aus aufsichtsrechtlichen -insbesondere vertriebsrechtlichen- Gründen)

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Before our smicha weekend, one of my classmates is going on silent retreat in the mountains, with a beloved teacher as her spiritual guide, to empty herself out in order to be wholly ready to receive. I'm planning a mikveh immersion at Mayyim Hayyim at the end of December which will be my opportunity to wash away anything I want to leave behind, welcome in the blessings of these six years of. Ibid 2:8. RAbban Yochanan served as Av Beis Din while Rabban Gamilal and his son were alive. Additionally, he also served as Nossi for a couple of years, See Seder Hadoros s.v Rabban Yochanan Ben Zakai. 28. See letter by Rabbi Sherira Gaon quoted by Rabbi Nathan bar Yechiel in Sefer Haruch, s.v. Abaye; Avot 2:9. 29. Ibid. 30. On Shabbat, one is not allowed to go more than 2000 Amot outside of. SMICHA: SMICHA SWFSMNAV: SMICHA.S: Wie funktioniert's; Chatte mit Selma; Erstelle dein Profil; Erhalte deinen Planeten; Jetzt starten Über uns; Preis; Anmelden; FAQ & Support; Jobs; Du baust Selma mit uns! Contributor Wall of Fame ️; Open Selma; Blog; Selma Finance AG gruezi@selmafinance.ch +41 (44) 585 10 56. Selma ist in der Schweiz als unabhängiger Vermögensverwalter reguliert. Alles. Smicha with a twist Jerusalem's alternative rabbinic programs usher in 'post-modern Orthodoxy' By ARIEL HENDELMAN . AUGUST 12, 2015 09:28. Rabbi Herzl Hefter (second from left), rosh yeshiva. Directed by Assi Dayan. With Rivka Neuman, Shmil Ben Ari, Uri Klauzner, Gil Alon Name meaning for Smicha with description, pronunciation for Smicha and origin of the given name

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